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Does selecting the appropriate work permit type for international assignments to Germany and/or Switzerland make your head spin? Understanding the different permit processes and designing qualifying assignee allowance and salary packages are some of the biggest challenges EMEA Global Mobility Managers face today.

Register for our on-demand webinar, “Improve Your Assignments to Germany & Switzerland: Common Work Permits Uncovered” and learn the most common work permit processes and related requirements to help advance your global mobility program in the EMEA region.

You will receive specific guidance on:

  • Most Common Work Permits in Germany & Switzerland
  • Key Strategy Questions to Ask
  • Minimum Salary Thresholds
  • Effect of Local Contracts vs. Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)
  • Process Overviews:
    • Local Hire, ICT & Blue Card
    • Visa National
    • Visa Waiver
  • Document Requirements
  • Upcoming Immigration Changes

More about our Presenters: 

german work permit


Nelli Toth has nearly 20 years of immigration experience in the EMEA region. She provides advice on complex immigration processes and delivers training on compliance, immigration regulations and requirements to human resources professionals, business managers, and employees in large multinational companies. Nelli has three Master’s Degrees in English, Literature, and History and speaks Hungarian, English, and basic German.


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Viktoria Moldovan has over 8 years of EMEA immigration and business administration expertise. She is responsible for preparing filings for visa applicants, case analysis, responding to foreign government inquiries, and liaising with global HR throughout the region and world. Viktoria has assisted countless corporate HR and mobility professionals with designing and implementing their global immigration programs. She speaks Hungarian, English and basic Russian.


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Monika Blahackova graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International/Global Studies and Political Science from the University of South Florida and has worked at Pro-Link GLOBAL since 2014. She has experience obtaining vital records from government agencies, preparing and submitting immigration application packages, and coordinating communication between various foreign governments/federal agencies and global HR teams. In her current role, Monika provides customized immigration strategies to a large, multinational Fortune 500 company in EMEA and globally.